1. Remove the side curtains skins.

    2. Mark each of the 2” angle iron where the side curtains ended at below the water level.  Cut each one off 3” past the end of the side curtain panels ended that will allow you to weld the 3 “ channel down the bottom length of the side curtains   

    below is a drawing of the addition of the 3" channel

    Pictures of what the jump should look after the Channel is added

    On the back side you will need to weld a 3/16" X 3" flat bar steel to have an attachment point for the bottoms of the side curtains panels. the will be needed between each of the 2" angles. You can most likely get away with a 2" weld every twelve inches

    to hold the side curtain out at the correct angle you will need to fabricate 4 of the angle iron brackets to attach to the bottom of the top surface of the jump



    The finished product should look like these.

    You can then use some angle iron to bolt the jump side curtain out at the correct angle.

    reattach the panels to the side curtains frames using 1/4" Stainless bolts, Large Flat washers and Ny lock Nuts. I would use anti seize on the bolts also.

    Paint the side curtains and place back in the water.